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Nesting Doll Collection
Joan Bramsch wrote an article about these types of dolls. Click here to read her article http://www.joanbramsch.com/collect/russian.shtmll

original matryoshka
The set that started it all back in the 1960s - much faded, but much loved Traditional cat and kittens counting set Family
Girl with basket - a common theme Colours similar to canal art Russian churches
Detailed churches and landscapes Burnt poker work with gold paint Old man with beard
  < 3 simple Polish sets >  
Russian leaders Snow maiden Flowers
Simple Russian set Flatter heads on these dolls Swiss Children
Use of straw for the flowers. Look carefully - this is a ten piece set! Bullet maidens Soldiers in armour
Three little pigs with big bad wolf Reverse of three little pigs Cat with cat
Playing card King, Queen and Knave Sailors Bears
Elephants Even shady characters are depicted Cheap sets flood the market
Dutch girls Indian version of original Semenov doll Three bears
Night sky and sun Old map of the world Rabbits
Ducks Humpty Dumpty with all the king's men Note the string hair and tuft on the baby
  Clowns - front Clowns - reverse
Nautical - front Nautical - reverse. All hiding grog!  
  The Art of the Russian Matryoshka




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