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My Work, Your Work and a Whole Load of Books!

Welcome to my site.  I am Lynne, also known as Mini-Mum due to being a Mum of two with a love for all things mini. I live in the UK. My interests particularly include 1/12th scale miniatures, but I also have a fascination for things like the tiniest of dolls within a set of nesting dolls.

Out of all the crafts that I have tried I find that I return time and again to my great love of hand sewing.  Even in this area I have worked with mini pieces -my Millennium project was a quilt "Scrap Happy' with 25,000 pieces. Embroideries and quilts large and small can be found on my pages. Knitting is another favourite interest which I started doing in mini at the beginning of 2003. Click on the sweater photo below to go straight there

Christmas decorations, another mini interest of mine are featured in their own section. Nesting dolls are nestled on the site on the This 'n That page.

'Other Crafts' covers anything else I have experimented with other than sewing.



Lots more knits put up here. The photos are in the process of being re photographed and this is a temporary page. New knits made this year have been marked. I have yet to add all the little sweaters to it.
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Picture of patchwork quilt made in the style of a stained glass window. This is 90% finished now, having started it in August 2009
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I hope you enjoy the Bookshops. I don't hold any stock as these are in association with Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. You can be assured of their excellent sales and service. I have tried to display a selection of the most useful or interesting books for each category of this site. Do click through on the book titles and buy one or ten!! The commision from the sales will help me have a Mini-Mum wage. LOL

As regards my own craftwork, this site is almost entirely Show and Tell, with only occasional items made by me for sale.



Gallery of Christmas Miniatures

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Write to me Lynne @ Mini - Mum . com

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Miniatures Gallery with Photo Links

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