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Miniatures Gallery


Below you will find a veritable cornucopia of different miniatures. Most links pages are long lists of names with only a written description of what the sites contain. Here, even if you have no time to go further, you can still get a glimpse of the wonderful variety of work that people are doing in the minis world.

Everybody is welcome to have a link added to the page. If you have a page of minis, it doesn't matter whether you are just starting out, or are an IGMA Fellow. I would like to celebrate all levels of miniatures. Just let me know your URL by email Lynne@Mini-Mum.com and tell me which picture you would like included. Totally free with no commitment.

Click on the pictures to go straight to the sites. All pictures open up in a new window. Close the window to return here.

***************A word about these pages loading. Like the rest of my site, there are lots of images and these can take a while to load. However, I have discoverd the trick of getting each page to preload images for the next page. This means that although the first page that you open may take a little while to load, as long as you move through the pages chronologically, you will find that your next page's images will already be in your cache and will load up really quickly.***************

Some links have been disabled as the miniaturist in question no longer has a website or photo page


Kathy Peterson




Colin Bird






Marianne B


Emily Paige


Anne Gerdes


Lise's Miniatures




Frances Armstrong




Cynthia Howe




Pam Jackson


Fannye Burkleo


McQueenie Miniatures




Pat Clark




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