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Miscellaneous Crafts - Bazaar items



The pictures below show items made one year when the children were small. They were able to help with a lot of the items.

Bookmarks, gift tags, notebooks, needle cases, matching hat pincushions, stiffened fabric fans Little boxes, chicken egg cosies,, finger mice, napkin holders Toadstool picture, mouse mask, owl mask, peg bags, knitted flower brooches, wooden fish tree ornaments, tissue holders
Wooden peace tree ornament,, fabric tree rings, wooden gingerbread men, wood/felt santa faces, felt Turkish slippers, felt money bags, parakeet bookmarks, carved wood/felt tree decs Material boxes, wooden clowns, shell gift tags, leather\ribbon friendship bracelets, wooden teddy bears, knitting needle bags. Hexagon tree ornament, felt toadstools, spiceropes, red felt stockings, felt theatre masks, small wooden teddies, wooden rainbows, felt moccasins, wool bracelets, parakeet bookmarks
Wooden clowns, gift tags, material boxes, knitted sweater lavender sachet Knitted baby dolls' dresses, knitted dolls' cardigans, monkey mask, mouse mask. Felt covered notebooks, tartan recorder covers, patchwork balls, wooden teddies, clown face napkin rings




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