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Make a small box
English Paper Piecing
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How To - Introduction

The following pages contain some simple How Tos.

There is a box that can be made out of greetings cards and is extremely tough, being four thicknesses thick at the corners and is therefore useful for sending small items through the post. The theory is that you don't even need to use glue as the folds hold themselves, but see what you feel is necessary. I once made 24 of them and hung them on a small Christmas tree for Advent gifts.

I have put up basic instructions for doing English Paper Piecing for patchwork. This is my favourite method of patchwork. There is a separate page with my favourite tips regarding the subject. There is also a grid of tiny hexagons to get you started. Contrary to what I said about using typing thickness paper, I would recommend thin card for such small hexagons.

The rug fringing method I can actually claim to be my own. That's not to say that nobody else has ever thought of it, and I wouldn't claim copyright or anything, but it was one of my few flashes of genuine inspiration. This method means that you are not just gluing anything extra to the edge which may or may not match. You are using the same thread that you have used in making the rug. Having said that, most of my rugs have plain edges - both can look good.

How to drape a quilt on a bed is again my personal choice out of the many options there are. Using thick material is always a nightmare in a dollshouse, and patchwork generates so many extra turnings. Nothing spoils a beautiful room setting than poorly hanging drapes and covers.




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