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Miscellaneous Minis 1

Over the years Ihave had a go at making minis in different media - some with more success than others! Below is a selection of minis that I have made, plus a few favourites. One of the sad things that I have discovered is that in so many cases where glue was used, things have discoloured. Click on the photos to see a larger image. They will each open up in a new window. Close the window to return to this page.


Games boards were fun to make on the computer
I cut butterflies from a magazine and put them in their display box
Individual carrier bags printed on the computer
Remember these shelves? I loved them and recreated them for a small scene. The Russian doll in the middle is the smallest of a set of five.
This glued dress was from instructions by Lorna Payne in an early copy of The Home Miniaturist.
I wish I could claim to have made this jigsaw. Kristen Barber in North London made it.
This loveseat was received as a thank you from an American aquaintance.
I did the macrame with sewing thread.
Perfume bottle made from a broken bracelet with teardrop pearl as a stopper.
This album is full of tiny photos from the family album. I was able to cut parts of photos up to make several smaller ones.
Using the computer I made two volumes of poetry from my late father. He loved his adopted Yorkshire and after he died we found poems that he had written about it.
Two sample pages from the poetry book.


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