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Miniature Knitting in Display Cabinet

Knitting for Dummies!

New A video that shows me knitting in miniature to give you an idea of the size needles and thread that I use.


Below is the updated picture of the cabinet. The sweaters without skirts have been taken off the dummies and put over cotton reels in order to increase the viewable space on the shelves. I've also included some of my 32 count and 40 count rugs. Click on the picture for a much larger version. Don't forget to click on your browser if it automatically fits the picture to your page.


miniature knitting


I know that a lot of people come looking for free knitting patterns from me. I'm sorry that none are written up and to be honest they wouldn't fit a doll anyway -the requirements for a mannequin are less stringent than a doll. I am loathe to sell patterns that may not fulfill other people's expectations, and to give away free patterns would be unfair on other people who are trying to make a bit of a living from their own patterns.


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