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Miniature Knitting - Most Recent 6 - The Folk Collection

Knitting for Dummies!

New A video that shows me knitting in miniature to give you an idea of the size needles and thread that I use.



In the same way as when I made my last bedspread (seen on page 4) I put up progress pictures. There's nothing like telling the world that you're doing such and such. It gives a real incentive to finish what will be a long project. Well, it's finished now and won't be put on a bed as it's out of scale pattern-wise. It's backed onto plastic canvas to be used as a backdrop for other projects, and yes, I want to yank those buildings up a bit straighter!

I know that a lot of people come looking for free knitting patterns from me. I'm sorry that none are written up and to be honest they wouldn't fit a doll anyway -the requirements for a mannequin are less stringent than a doll. I am loathe to sell patterns that may not fulfill other people's expectations, and to give away free patterns would be unfair on other people who are trying to make a bit of a living from their own patterns.



Lativan knitting


These next sweaters use patterns found in Latvian mittens. Again, there are so many patterns to choose from. Good to practice stranded techniques. Venne Colcoton 34/2, size 20 needles
As above

Some of these dummies look a bit drunk LOL


Lativan knitting



Lativan knitting


Different necklines add variety as well, this one has a wide collar. Venne Colcoton 34/2, size 20 needles
Another Latvian pattern Venne Colcoton 34/2, size 20 needles


Latvian knitting



Latvian mitten pattern


What wonderful bright colours the Latvian mittens can be. Venne Colcoton 34/2, size 20 needles
Not so much Latvian as Estonian. Taken from one of the mittens in the book Folk Knitting in Estonia. See below. Venne Colcoton 34/2, size 20 needles


Estonian pattern



Anna Zilboorg pattern


Following on this page's folk theme, this is a Turkish arrowhead or heart crook design from Anna Zilboorg's Fancy Feet.Do you see green on blue, or blue on green in this teasing tessellation? Venne Colcoton 34/2, size 20 needles
Another folk dress -the pattern taken from Anna Zilboorg's Fancy Feet with added braids. As she says, it's a very pleasing pattern to knit. Also, with Turkish patterns the background and the pattern are equal in weight, and the eye sometimes views the black as the pattern or the background. Venne Colcoton 34/2, size 20 needles


Anna Zilboorg pattern



Lappish pattern


This sweater is very special to me as it's a copy of the pattern I followed for a complete Lappish baby outfit for my younger daughter born in 1984. I knitted it, not knowing whether she was a girl or boy. Click here to see a photo of her in it. Do write and tell me if you knitted the same outfit for your own child. The pattern was in a woman's magazine around 1983/4.

Venne Colcoton 34/2, size 20 needles

The main pattern was from the book, Anatolian Knitting Designs by Betsy Harrell. The contrast colour is supposed to be pale pink, but even before photographing it, it appears white.

Venne Colcoton 34/2, size 20 needles



Turkish pattern



Anna Zilboorg pattern


This sweater takes and expands a mitten pattern from Anna Zilboorg's book 'Magnificant Mittens' which use patterns with Scandinavian and Baltic origins. Like the sweater above, the sleeves take a small component of the pattern. This is easier to work on the thumb of a mitten, or in this case the sleeves.


Venne Colcoton 34/2, size 20 needles

This is a traditional Scandinavian pattern, so like our Fair Isle patterns, one of the most recognisable folk patterns, although perhaps never before seen as a tight fitting skirt. The pattern is way out of scale for miniature work, but there is a delicacy of most of the pattern, that it almost works. All over pattern from Sheila McGregor's book 'Traditional Scandinavian Knitting'.

Venne Colcoton 34/2, size 20 needles




Anna Zilboorg


A simple little summer dress with a pattern from one of Anna Zilboorg's 'Magnificent Mittens' (cuff pattern).

Venne Colcoton 34/2, size 20 needles

The main pattern is from Lizbeth Upitis book of Latvian Mittens and the border pattern was from Selbuvotter Mittens.






argyle pattern


A collection of folk patterns wouldn't be complete without an argyle pattern. These are sometimes knitted with three colours.

Of course, many people associate them with tank tops of the 1970s!

This is from Jessica Trompe's site, a pretty floral Norwegian style pattern.


Jessica Trompe



Useful links for miniature knitting supplies
Venne Colcoton threads


Oliver Twist threads
YLI jeans thread
Other needles and threads including DMC 80



Appears not to be available on Amazon.co.uk

These are just a few of books that I either own or are on my wishlist. There are literally thousands more knitting books on Amazon


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