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Miniature Knitting - 2010

Knitting for Dummies!

New A video that shows me knitting in miniature to give you an idea of the size needles and thread that I use.


I know that a lot of people come looking for free knitting patterns from me. I'm sorry that none are written up and to be honest they wouldn't fit a doll anyway -the requirements for a mannequin are less stringent than a doll. I am loathe to sell patterns that may not fulfill other people's expectations, and to give away free patterns would be unfair on other people who are trying to make a bit of a living from their own patterns.




Another Barbara Walker stitch using one colour at once but resulting in a two colour pattern without stranding.

Even tightly knit garter stitch with a variegated yarn can result in a smart outfit..





Cheater check!.
Barbara Walker slip stitch.





Not a new sweater, but a tweedy skirt using a mottled grey thread.



Lovely lampshade effect! Using a stitch from the Knitting Fool Site





A larger lace pattern from Barbara Walker. A knitted red underskirt to show off the lace and preserve the dummy's dignity!
The photography doesn't do justice to this pretty pattern from Barbara Walker.






Again, the photography doesn't do justice to the sparkly beads that are sewn into every lacy sttich.

A swallowtail without the nupps.





Front view of shawl over new skirt which is a combination of two colours of very fine thread to give a tweedy effect.

Useful links for miniature knitting supplies
Venne Colcoton threads


Oliver Twist threads
YLI jeans thread
Other needles and threads including DMC 80




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